Simple Breathing Exercise for Good Deep Lung Cleansing

Lung cleansing will detox your lungs of infections, expand their capacity, lower the risk of cancer, and improve the health of the entire respiratory tract. We recommend these exercises to everyone, but especially to smokers and those living in high-polluted places.Simple Breathing Exercise For Good Deep Lung Cleansing

Breathing Exercise in 6 Steps

This exercise is considered as one of the best methods to cleanse your lungs. It requires lot more than just taking a deep breath. There are tons of lung cleansing exercises, and this is a simple but effective one. Besides cleansing your lungs, if you do it in the morning on fresh air, it will give you energy that will last throughout the whole day.

Step 1. First, stand up and put your feet a bit apart and arms at each side and relax.

Step 2. Inhale several deep breaths, and exhale through your nose.

Step 3. Inhale though your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth until you feel like there’s no more air to exhale. But don’t stop here, because there’s more air in your lungs. The reason is because we don’t replace entire air in lungs while breathing, so there is still some which stays. Let your diaphragm release entire air from your lungs by taking deep breaths.

Breathe out through mouth several times while doing ha ha ha. Do this until you believe there’s no more air in your lungs. At this point, you will think your stomach has pulled to your spine.

Step 4. Now breathe in fresh air through your nose to supply your empty lungs.

Step 5. Fill your lungs with air, and slowly count to 5 while holding your breath. During this time, each cell in your body will fill with oxygen.

Step 6. Once again, breathe out through your mouth until you think there’s no more air in your lungs, and repeat the ha ha ha to ensure you have exhaled entire air from lungs.

After this, you can do step 4 as much times as you want.

Besides cleansing your lungs, this exercise is good for strengthening your stomach.

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