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THIS Is What They Forgot To Tell You About Using Turmeric (for pain, cuts, teeth, skin and more)

By NeNa / 29/03/2016

Turmeric is widely known for its health benefits. It has been used in Indian and Chinese medicines for its anti-inflammatory properties in the treatment of various conditions such as jaundice, flatulence, toothache, menstrual difficulties, hemorrhage, bloody urine, colic, chest pain, and bruises. Its main healing effects are thought to come from the bright yellow compound […]


Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Forever With Only 2 Ingredients

By NeNa / 21/03/2016

Do you want to get rid of the unpleasant hair you have on certain body parts? We have the solution for the unpleasant and annoying hairs, and it’s the recipes that follow. Peel-Off Mask for Face with Gelatin This is a recipe of one of the most effective home-made masks in facial hair removal. Ingredients: […]


Quitting Shampoo Won’t Make Your Hair Less Greasy

By NeNa / 21/03/2016

Are you considering getting rid of your shampoo? Occasional washing of your hair is better than sudding it up every day. However, if you don’t want to have greasy hair by following the theory of “No Poo” you are probably right. American Chemical Society explains in the video below, that it’s not possible for your […]


No Pain, No Gain: High Heels Can Lead To A Dozen Foot and Leg Injuries

By NeNa / 17/03/2016

A lot of women often put their stylish look before their feet’s health, and it’s not a rare sight to see women carrying around their favorite stilettos in their hands, while trudging with blustered barefoot, and all for the purpose of good look. Scientists’ opinion on this is very clear and it is to get rid of […]


20 Vicks Vapor Rub Uses You Didn’t Know Before!

By NeNa / 14/03/2016

Although Vicks Vapor Rub is widely used in the treatment of colds, congested nose, headache, throat and chest stuffiness as well as cough, it can be used for many more conditions and everyday situations. For over hundred years, Vicks Vapor Rub has been vastly present and used as one of the most effective decongestants. However, […]


10 Ingredients That Should Be Part of Your Natural Beauty Routine

By Borislav Bobby Draganov / 01/03/2016

Stop using commercial beauty products that are full of harmful chemicals that can cause tremendous damage to skin. Try using these 10 Natural ingredients as part of your daily beauty routine and spare yourself the irreparable damage your regular off-the-counter products can cause to your overall health. 1. Try using olive oil in your daily […]


Apply This Baking Soda and Lemon Mask on Your Face and Something AMAZING Will Happen… I’m Trying This!

By Borislav Bobby Draganov / 18/02/2016

Baking soda is already a popular substance found in several homes, used as a cooking ingredient and cleansing product. Another unrealized aspect of this amazing substance is its effectiveness in curing and beautifying your skin. Set aside those expensive chemical products for a while and try this potent recipe for stunning results. Apart from soothing […]

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