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Start Burning Your Belly Fat by Drinking This Before You Go to Bed!

By NeNa / 15/03/2016

Burning your belly fat can be quite a challenging task sometimes. A lot of slimming exercises and tricks often result unsuccessfully, with a feel of disappointment. But if you get a better idea of the metabolism function, you’ll have higher chances of losing the few extra inches you bother. Webster dictionary defines metabolism as “the chemical […]


Wheatgrass for Weight Loss – Plus A Drink Recipe!

By Borislav Bobby Draganov / 22/02/2016

Wheatgrass is a super food and it is rich in fiber and nutrients. It is made up of about 70 percent chlorophyll and it is a very potent detoxifying food. A glass of wheatgrass taken daily will keep you healthy by getting rid of dangerous toxins in your body. It is widely believed that the nutrients in […]