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Simple Breathing Exercise for Good Deep Lung Cleansing

By NeNa / 04/04/2016

Lung cleansing will detox your lungs of infections, expand their capacity, lower the risk of cancer, and improve the health of the entire respiratory tract. We recommend these exercises to everyone, but especially to smokers and those living in high-polluted places. Breathing Exercise in 6 Steps This exercise is considered as one of the best methods to cleanse […]


7 Great Exercises To Build A Healthy Spine

By Borislav Bobby Draganov / 02/03/2016

Having a back ache or suffering from one back condition or another seems to be normal these days. We tend to shrug it off by saying – “it’s just a minor back ache”, but in truth our lifestyle and diet has adversely affected our health in general and the state of our back in particular. Our […]


7 Booty-Sculpting Moves For Your Perfect Behind

By Borislav Bobby Draganov / 19/02/2016

Using Kettle-bells can be very effective in exercising and the single-leg dead-lift helps to strengthening your gluteal muscles, hamstrings and core. Kettlebells are popular among novices and professional body builders. It is important to note at this point that in carrying out the exercises in this article, you should avoid bending your lower back as much as […]