Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally with These Simple Steps

If you are one of the people with diabetes, or you are just prone to it, it’s of high importance to control your blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes can complicate your life if you don’t know how to handle it right.

Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally with These Simple StepsThe best way to control your diabetes is to stay healthy and of course follow your doctor’s commands.

These are the most effective methods to keep blood sugar level under control, without using medicines.

1. Exercise

In order to solve insulin resistance problems, you should be physically active at least 20 to 30 minutes a day.

The best way to prevent skipping this habit is to choose some workout routine or exercise that you like. Stick to your workout plan!

2. Spice

The perfect spice for people with diabetes is cinnamon. According to researchers, this ordinary spice improves the sensitivity of the body to insulin, which is a common problem among people with diabetes.

Cinnamon prevents the body to overuse insulin, thus lowering the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Avoid

People with diabetes must try to avoid sugary foods and drinks. According to a study by University of Massachusetts’ scientists, if people exercise, they reduce the risk for diabetes by 40 percent.

But if they consume sugary sport drinks, all the positive results from the exercising will be lost since the burned energy and calories will be replaced by the carbs from the consumed sugary drink.

4. Consume

People with diabetes can eat plenty of foods to reduce their blood sugar level, as well as people who like to prevent diabetes.

Some of these foods include seeds, especially pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The body requires magnesium in order to fight insulin resistance, and these seeds are rich with this mineral.

More foods that people with diabetes should eat include:

  • Garlic for reducing the blood sugar level and cholesterol
  • Fenugreek which contains high amounts of fiber that slows down the digestion of carbs, thus being beneficial for problems with blood sugar
  • Avocados contain monounsaturated fats which reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Blueberries contain fiber and anthocyanins which increase the sensitivity of insulin

Follow these simple advices to control your blood sugar and to reduce the influence of diabetes on your life.

The above mentioned advices, including minimizing your sodium and salt consumption, will definitely help to stabilize your blood sugar level, or to prevent diabetes.

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