This Drink Can Cure Migraines, Settle Your Stomach and Stop Inflammation!

The most common cause of chronic pains and diseases are is the inflammation.

During the hot summer days, people often reach for a cold drink, such as iced tea, pop, coffee, popsicle or fruit drink, but they all contain huge amounts of excess sugar and many artificial flavors.

This Drink Can Cure Migraines, Settle Your Stomach and Stop Inflammation!

For example, a Tim Hortons’ Iced Mocha Capp includes 38 grams of sugar, or in other words 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Why do we need to care about the amount of sugar in our summer drink?

Sugar means craving for more, so consequently it means weight gaining.

But more importantly, from all foods, sugar causes most inflammations in our bodies.

Many people drink hot ginger tea, especially when they have migraines or feel a bit under the weather.

However, tea from ginger can be also great for refreshing during the long hot summers.

So instead of buying a pop or fruit juice to refresh yourself, make a ginger tea, let it cool, add ice cubes and some lemon slices, and there you go.

You have made a delicious refreshing drink, which is also beneficial, since the ginger possess anti-inflammatory properties.

What is your favorite summer drink?

Ours is homemade iced tea form ginger, which is super easy to prepare. The best thing is to make more tea, and store it in glass jars in refrigerator.

Ginger Iced Tea

  • 2 inches fresh ginger
  • 8 cups filtered water

Pour water in a big pot, and add the 2 inches fresh ginger, after peeling and slicing the ginger in 6 pieces. Bring to a boil till the water colors, or that’s about 6 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow it to stand for couple of minutes in order to soak.

Store it in glass jars in fridge. Whenever you wish to have a glass of this drink, just add a sprig of mint, or a slice of lemon and you can enjoy in the scorching day.

In case you want a bit sweet taste, just add some honey to the boiling water.

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