How to Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!

If you have noticed mice presence in your house you should know that they are more than just a problem. Mice can leave urine and feces all around the house or the places they go by, spread diseases, germs, and lice.

One of the biggest problems with them is that their population can increase very quickly, considering that a female can have up to 10 litters a year, while each litter can have up to 10 mice.

How to Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!The process of removing mice contains two phases, or steps. The first thing to do is to prevent mice entering your home by sealing all the cracks and holes you can find, and you think are possible “doors” to these uninvited guests.

The next thing is to figure out how to get rid of the mice that are already in your home, and for that purpose, we give you several effective and completely natural techniques .

No matter in which part of your home mice are hiding, these methods can eliminate all of them, without using any mice poison or traps.

These varmints are everywhere, in cities and countryside, and they damage our furniture, eat our food, scare us, leave feces and urine behind them, eat our cables and most importantly carry dangerous diseases which can be transmitted to people.

They have really strong teeth which help them to eat woods as well as pipes.

How to Eliminate Mice in Completely Natural Way

Basically, there are two commonly known methods to remove mice from homes. One is with a rat bait, and the other is with the help of a trap.

No matter how much trap types there are and how much effective this method is without including poison, both methods have drawbacks.

People usually like to avoid these two techniques, because they will have to deal with the odor coming from the killed rat which will probably get stuck is some hole and spread horrible smell for a long period.

There are various trap types nowadays, such as cages or electrical ones, but the following methods will help you deal with rats naturally without having to pay anything.

#1 Method

Mice can’t burp, which is why you should try using soft drinks to kill them. Once they drink the liquid and not having the ability to burp, they will die. Just pour some soft drink in a disposable dish and put in on some place in your home that you know rats will pass by. Do this at night, and the following morning you will find a dead rat lying there.

#2 Method

This method requires 3 ingredients: flour, dry Plaster of Paris, and one tablespoon of salt.  Use equal amounts of the first two ingredients, and once you add the salt your mixture is ready. Just put in a disposable dish somewhere near your home’s entrance, and don’t forget to put a bowl of water next to the mixture. The reason is because once the rats will eat the mixture, they will feel thirst and so they will most likely drink the water, which will cause hardening of the mixture and their death.

#3 Method

Apparently mice like the taste of chocolate powder, so why not using it against them? For this purpose, mix some chocolate powder with plastic powder and put in somewhere outside your home. Don’t forget to put a bowl of water next to the mixture, so that rats can drink it and thus cause expansion of the mixture inside them, resulting in their death.

#4 Method

This is probably the simplest method, and it is to scare the mice away of your house with a cat or dog. Cats are excellent mice hunters so they will surely help you to eliminate them from your home.

Finally, if by some reason none of these methods is effective for you, call the exterminator.

Via Natural Healing Magazine

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