Bees Can Be Trained To Detect Early Stage Cancer In Ten Minutes!

By NeNa / 01/04/2016

This is one of the most incredible stories we have ever reported.

Susana Soares has made an experimental science/art project which showed that honey bees have potential to detect an early stage of cancer- and more.

This Is INCREDIBLE Bees Can Be Trained To Detect Early Stage Cancer In Ten Minutes!

We already have enough reasons to thank bees, but this one is maybe the biggest one!

The odor perception of bees is countless times beyond ours, and they are capable to detect minuscule amounts of specific molecules.

Bees’ odor perception is even sharper than that of sniffer dogs.

It was discovered that the simple Pavlovian reward system can be also used in the training of bees to select and move towards certain sources of odors.

This means they have potential to be used in detection of pregnancy and many diseases such as cancer, which can be pointed out by certain odor markers in the breath.

These smart insects can be trained to give response to different chemicals, such as bio-markers related to early stages of many diseases like tuberculosis, and many cancer types.

For the purpose of these tests, Susana Soares has designed special glass items (as presented on the picture above).

The person needs to breathe into the glass apparatus which looks like a hashish smoking device. The bees which were previously trained, form a bee line if they sense the targeted odor.

Serious diseases such as cancer are crucial to be detected as soon as possible, which will save many people’ lives.

Regular screenings and health checks are essential, but let’s hope this bee’s method become the new tool in the combat against cancer.

Bees have the potential to be used in explosives detection in security operations.

They can be used for detection of lot more, such as fake essential oils or foods, and the most obvious fake honey. This sounds pretty possible!

The presented glassware project was initially exhibited in 2007 at MOMA.

Important fact- We need to provide proper protection for these creations of nature, since great number of bee habitats are being wiped out by non selective pesticide use.

Except for ceasing to spray pesticides, you can do something more for the bees, and that is to plant flowers that they love.

We can’t live without bees and their incredible gifts for us, and it seems now is the time when more people realize this. Nature is indeed incredible!

Via Herbs-Info | Susana Suares | Dezeen

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