Quitting Shampoo Won’t Make Your Hair Less Greasy

By NeNa / 21/03/2016

Are you considering getting rid of your shampoo? Occasional washing of your hair is better than sudding it up every day.

However, if you don’t want to have greasy hair by following the theory of “No Poo” you are probably right.

American Chemical Society explains in the video below, that it’s not possible for your scalp’s oil glands to know the amount of oil contained in the rest of the hair.

This means even if you decide to stop using shampoo, there will be more oil to deal with.

American Chemical Society advises usage of dry shampoo and do-it-yourself shampoo, or in other words starch or clay for better oil absorption.

One person shares her experience from the two times she tried the method of No-Poo. The first time was during an active and scorching summer,when her hair became grouse and full with grease.

The second time was after she had a surgery and she was told to be careful not to wet the incision, while lying on the couch for days.
Quitting Shampoo Won’t Make Your Hair Less Greasy

She explains that she didn’t mind if her hair was greasy. Moreover, she notes that her hair looked overall fine, without the sweat and dirt.

So what alternatives do we have?

According to American Chemical Society, washing your hair only with conditioner deserves thumbs up, although not effective as shampoo in removing the oil and dirt. So if you like the results, you can use this alternative.

They point out that the much-lauded baking soda and apple cider vinegar combo can damage your hair, so be aware of this fact when preparing your own shampoo.

Watch the video below to find out more about the results of quitting shampoo.

Via Life Hacker

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