Rub This Essential Oil Blend on Both Your Ears to Quickly Relieve Earaches

A lot of parents have found themselves in a situation when their child complained about his/her earache late at night.

So the first thing that cross parents’ mind is to check when was the last time their child had fluids dripping from his/her nose, and to check if they have fever.

Rub This Essential Oil Blend on Both Your Ears to Quickly Relieve EarachesParents shouldn’t underestimate their child’s ear infection. They should take it seriously because besides the pain and discomfort it causes, there’s a risk of more dangerous infections which can even cause hearing loss.

The Eustachian tubes in children’s ears are more level and can’t drain that well as in adults. A simple cold can lead to blocked or swollen eustachian tubes in children, which can result with a bigger ache and more serious infection.

However, parents can treat their child’s as well as their own ear infection (although adults suffering from ear infection is rare) in a safe and effective way by using essential oils.

Natural Healing of Earaches

Tea tree and lavender are perfect antiseptic essential oils that can be used for ear infection treatment.

Just dilute them in olive oil, and apply the resulted liquid on the outside part of the ear, and on the side of your neck over the lymph nodes by rubbing it. Remember that you mustn’t put the liquid inside your ear.

If a throat infection is the cause of the ear issue, don’t forget to use an antiseptic gargle as well, because it will soothe the ear pain.

Even if you have pain in just one ear, make sure you treat both ears. After the pain stops, continue the treatment for a few days more to prevent the condition appearing again.

Aromatherapy Solution for Ear Problem

Rub the prepared blend around your ear and on the side of your neck. After you have applied Herbal Ear Oil (explained a bit below), add one drop of the prepared blend on a cotton and put it in your ear. Make sure you use half of the dilution for children.

Being antibacterial, garlic can also ease the ear pain and inflammation caused by a simple infection. It’s often used as a remedy for “swimmer’s ear” a fungal infection characterized with itching.

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For adults and children older than 10 years, we recommend Ear-Heal drops as a safe, natural, and effective homeopathic remedy used for ear infection internal treatment, as oppose to antibiotic treatment.

These drops are of highest standards since were created by natural medicine team of experts.

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