What She Smears On Her Butt, Everyone Has At Home – But Nobody Uses It!

People all around the world consume coffee on a daily basis, so it’s probably one of the most consumed drinks on the planet. We drink coffee in the morning to wake up and start the day, as well in every part of the day we want to boost our energy or just smell and taste its unique aroma.

However, the biggest mistake we all do is after finishing our coffee. We throw away what’s left on the bottom, which is considered as priceless.

What She Smears On Her Butt, Everyone Has At HomeInstead of throwing the coffee ground away, spread it on a flat plat or a backing paper, and let it fry. After it dries completely, it’s ready to be used in many ways, and here we will tell you only 14 of them.

Against Cellulite

As you have maybe noticed, many cellulite products contain caffeine. So you can make your own cellulite cream for a much cheaper price, and with similar effects. Just mix the coffee ground with some oil and your cellulite cream is ready.


You can use it as a soap due to its skin firming and peeling effects. Excellent!

Radiant Hair

Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients which can make your dark hair full of energy and radiance.

Against Bags Below the Eyes

Not only that the coffee will help you to wake up early in the morning, but it can help you to avoid the exhausted look. If you mix coffee grounds with a bit olive oil, you will prepare perfect mixture that will completely restore the skin below your eyes. Coffee-pads are excellent fit for this area.

In the Fridge

To get rid of the mixed odor produced by all sorts of stored foods in your fridge, just put a cup of coffee grounds somewhere in the fridge, and it will smell fresh and appetizing.

Grill rust Removal

The grill rust is something that everyone avoids to clean after it has been used. But with the help of coffee grounds and a sponge, you will be able to easily rub the sticky rust. After the rubbing, just wash it with warm water.


That’s right. You can use coffee grounds as a cheap cleaner free from chemicals, since the grounds act like a detergent for pans, pots, and surfaces.

Against ants

The aroma of the coffee is so strong that prevent ants finding their tracks, thus saving your beets from being damaged.

Against fleas

Coffee grounds are excellent for saving your dog from the annoying fleas. Just rub the moist grounds on your dog’s skin and it will free him from the fleas and give him nice smell.

Against wasps

Use fire-safe jar to put coffee grounds in it, and then light it with a match. The produced steam will immediately banish even the most annoying wasp, as they sniff to the coffee ground smell.

Against snails

Since snails are haters of coffee, use coffee grounds to protect the beets in your soil. They are surely to be dispelled by the presence of coffee.

Against Stray Cats

Spread some coffee grounds around your yard to forget about the annoying visits from stray cats. Cats will stay away from this invisible border.


Worms like coffee grounds, so a useful tip for those who are into plants, or vegetable gardening, is to enrich the compost with coffee grounds for more eathworms that will give much better production.


Since coffee ground includes nutrients, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, it can be used as a great fertilizer, which will help in the growth of plants.

For all coffee lovers, enjoy your cup of coffee for 14 more reasons!

Via Viral Alternative News| Super Tasty Recipes

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