Squeezing Limes Can Cause a Serious Skin Condition When Exposed To Sun

By NeNa / 30/03/2016

Some may learned about this the hard way, by experiencing this condition.

During the hot days of summer or even spring, we often like to prepare a refreshing drink or meal for ourselves or for our closest ones.Squeezing Limes Can Cause A Serious Skin Condition When Exposed To SunBut taking the necessary precautions during their preparation is of high importance.

Citrus fruits such as lemons and limes can cause phytophotodermatitis condition.

Many people find out about it after squeezing these fruits to prepare a cocktail or chopping them for some meal.

Normally, the juice from the citrus fruits gets on the hands, and when that person is exposed to sun UV lights, the toxic chemical reaction initially resembles a sunburn, but then rapidly worsens in skin discoloration and blisters.

Morgan Moore experienced this skin condition for the first time after preparing drinks for a barbecue. Afterwards, she wasn’t able to use her hands for 2 weeks, and their full recovery took her 3-6 months.

Morgan reported to CBS that after squeezing the citrus fruit she rinsed the juice from her hands, but not thoroughly.

Then she said she went outside in the sun without any sunscreen since she was out for just half an hour.  She describes this condition as one of the worst pains she has ever experienced.

Take a look at video below to see Morgan’s painful experience.

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